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Visitors to Canada Insurance In Toronto Explained!

Are you someone who will be visiting Canada? The experts with us at 
Platinum Mutual Ltd explain the importance and need for investing in Visitors to Canada Insurance in Toronto. People visiting Canada should be aware that universal healthcare coverage is only for Canadian residents. Hence, if you are visiting Canada, you should consider purchasing travel insurance to avoid any medical costs while in Canada. It will protect you from any unexpected costs arising from any illness, accident s, or other health issues.

Why us for your Canada Insurance in Toronto

Our experts have an in-depth understanding of the medical expenses that you could face as a visitor in Canada and can also support you in coordinating care coverage. Moreover, in case of any issue or query, we are in the country and a call away. Hence, once you are in Canada, we are super accessible.

The Various Types of Visitors to Canada Insurance in Toronto Offered by Us!

  1. Emergency medical coverage

This coverage in your Visitors to Canada Insurance In Toronto protects you against the cost of any hospital treatment in case of any medical emergencies.

  1. Trip Cancellation Protection

In case of any cancellation, this kind of coverage covers all you need before your departure.

  1. Trip interruption

This coverage covers all your foot and accommodation expenses if your trip gets delayed or changed once you leave your home country. Spending in a foreign country during such delays can get expensive.

  1. COVID-19 protection

You could also find the Coivd-19 protection as the virus is a known event.

  1. Sports activities

Most of the Visitors to Canada Insurance in Toronto exclude high-risk activities. If that is the case, we recommend purchasing extra coverage based on what you intend to do on your trip.

Who needs Canada Insurance in Toronto?

Our experts at Platinum Mutual Ltd have outlined the parameters that require you to invest in Visitors to Canada Insurance in Toronto!

  • If you are a tourist visiting Canada for up to a year
  • If you are a foreign national coming to Canada to stay with your family or friends for up to a year
  • If you are a recent immigrant who has migrated to Canada and is awaiting coverage under a provincial health insurance plan.
  • If you are a foreign national working in Canada temporarily.

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