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Tragedy Happens.. Life Insurance is the Answer

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Life Insurance Company Toronto

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With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Mike will take care of all your Life Insurance and Investment needs, for you and your family. It’s paramount that Mike, put you in the proper Insurance products, that make the most sense for your particular situation. Mike always goes the extra mile for his clients, and then some! Call today for a no obligation quote. Mike B has you covered! 

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

When you’re in the hospital the last thing you worry about is your money. Make sure your family is financially secure, and have life insurance that protects your economic assets as well as your potential lifetime earnings if you die prematurely or become critically ill.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance

When given the opportunity, humans are perfectly capable of anticipating and planning life events like marriage, children, and retirement. Major life transitions, on the other hand, are practically impossible to imagine, much less plan for.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

What if one’s partner gets the job, but they can’t go to work because they’re caring for a loved one? Worse yet, what if the person is alone and has no one to turn to? Who will now be responsible for paying the bills?

Group Health Plans

Group Health Plans

Our agents can help you get started with group insurance. You might want to add some family members or join a group that’s over a thousand strong. Regardless of size, our agents can help you make sure you’re getting the benefits you need, and make sure you’re paying a fair price.



Talk to an agent about how we can help you manage your investments. Most investments should have a healthy balance between risk and return. We will help you evaluate the market and find out where the best place to put your money is.

Non-Medical Insurance

Non-Medical Insurance

We cherish our loved ones and want what’s best for them in every aspect of life, this includes insurance. We can help you get insurance even if you have health problems or do not qualify for most other plans. Make sure you have coverage that will ensure your loved ones are financially secure.

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Mark F
Mark F. Toronto, Ontario

For nearly 20 years Mike has looked after my life and critical illness insurance needs. His extensive knowledge and experience in the industry has always left me knowing I have the right coverage with the right companies. The attention to detail and personalized service Mike provides has given me peace of mind knowing I have taken all the right steps to look after myself and my family.

Kavin H
Kevin H. Toronto, Ontario

I’ve worked with other insurance agents in the past, and most were adequate at best, but Mike is "hands down" the best insurance agent I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! Mike goes the extra mile and then some. I’m blown away by his level of commitment and customer service, to me and my family. Mike is a magician, always advocating, on our behalf, to get us the best products at the best prices. Thank you, Mike!

Devyn P. Toronto, Ontario

I wasn't sure where to begin when I decided I needed life insurance. I was referred to Mike and shortly after meeting with him, he answered all my questions allowing me to make an informed decision that fit my budget as well as my needs. With so many different options available, Mike was able to offer guidance that made choosing a policy easier and more affordable than I expected it would be.

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Life insurance company Toronto

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Why is Life Insurance in Toronto So Beneficial?

20 Plus Years of Experience


With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Mike will take care of all your Life Insurance and Investment needs, for you and your family. It’s paramount that Mike, put you in the proper Insurance products, that make the most sense for your particular situation. Mike always goes the extra mile for his clients, and then some! Call today for a no obligation quote. Mike B has you covered!

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Your Valued Partner to Procure Your Life Insurance and Other Financial Products!

We at Platinum Mutual Ltd are the experts when you are searching for the best Life Insurance Company in Toronto. We are the choice of people owing to our 20-plus years of experience in taking care of your life insurance and other investment needs.

You get guided well by Mike at Platinum Mutual Ltd, who will analyze your needs and situation and suggest the best insurance products that fit you the best! You can expect him to go out of his way to support you and ensure you purchase the best financial products. That makes Platinum Mutual Ltd stand apart as Toronto’s best Life Insurance Company in Toronto. We have over 5000 people insured, and they stand as our testimonials for the support and guidance provided to our clients.

Services To Expect from Us As Your Life Insurance Company in Toronto.

Service # 1: Life Insurance and Coverage Offered

Your life is a gift from God that cannot be priced! But in today’s times of uncertainty, it is crucial to secure your family to live a comfortable life after your death. Hence, Life Insurance Policy with us at Platinum Mutual Ltd, as your best Life Insurance Company in Toronto, offers you trustworthy and reliable life insurance policies from various companies that will ensure your family’s livelihood in case of your untimely death.

Service # 2: Critical Illness Insurance and Coverage Offered

Medical treatment can get expensive and out of reach for many with time. That’s where we, as the Life Insurance Company in Toronto working with you, may suggest Critical illness insurance. It covers serious and long-term illnesses that will support you to pay for excessive hospitalization and treatment expenses.

Service # 3: Disability Insurance and Coverage Offered

In case you get faced with an accident that leads to a disability that refrains you from working, then how do you sustain your family expenses? We recommend you take up this insurance, which pays out if you cannot work and earn an income due to a disability.

Service # 4: Investments

Investing your hard-earned money needs a professional like us at Platinum Mutual Ltd, where the expert Mike works with you personally to guide you with the best possible options. We support you to evaluate the market and make a balanced conscious decision for your investment.

Service # 5: Group Health Plans

Have you thought of group health plans where you can make a group with your family members or even join a group with many people? The expert agents with us guide you through this so that you capitalize on its benefits.

Service # 6: Non-Medical Insurance

You already have health issues, and most companies have refused to provide you with insurance. Well, come to us- The best Life Insurance Company in Toronto as we can support you to procure insurance even if you have health issues.

Need to know more, get in touch with us today at 416-315-8569.

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