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You would surely agree that capital market investments may appear as a complex math problem that could be difficult to understand. Investing your finances is a crucial decision, and we at Platinum Mutual Ltd work as your financial agent to make the right financial investments that involve a balanced amount of risk and return.

The expert team at Platinum Mutual Ltd works with you to evaluate the market and then helps you make financial investments that will be safe and secure for you to the maximum. You can choose various products, from segregated funds in Toronto to education plans to Annuities and much more!

Mike, our expert advisor, supports your financial investments that intend to increase your portfolio returns. They play a crucial role in saving time, increasing convenience in making financial investment decisions, and reducing stress. Looking for the best RESP’S education plans in Toronto? Click here!

Services by Us at Platinum Mutual Ltd to Build Your Portfolio

1. Segregated Funds:

If you wish to grow your wealth by investing with a safety net, we provide segregated funds in Toronto. It is a policy that allows you to invest while providing insurance protection to keep your savings safe.

It involves a pool of money that is spread across different investments that supports you to diversify your savings and protect them from market risks

2. Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

It proves to be the foundation of your retirement. Our financial experts with us provide short- and long-term tax advantages that can support your retirement

3. Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

The best RESP’s education plans in Toronto policy enable you to save for your child’s post-secondary education. It offers you great incentives that help to grow your investments. The benefits of investing in the best RESP’S education plans in Toronto with us include:

  • Save on the rise in the cost of education
  • Unlock opportunities as post-secondary education increases your child’s employment and earning potential.
  • Avoid debts
4. Retirement Income Fund (RIF)

A great investment product by us that enables you to save for your retirement. You stay financially independent when retirement hits you too!

5. Annuity

If you are looking for a guaranteed income for life, then annuities, as recommended by our experts, are best for you!

6. Guaranteed Investment Certificate

It’s an investment that gives you a guaranteed rate of return for a fixed period.

Book your call with us, and our expert will gladly support you!

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