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Toronto international student Insurance

Toronto International Student Insurance

Being an international student, you must be protected against all unforeseen events with Toronto International Student Insurance. We at Platinum Mutual Limited understand that reliable international student insurance should be an essential aspect for international students. It comes to their rescue in case of an accident or an injury while their tenure is studying abroad. Our company comes with more than 20 years of experience, and hence you can surely count on the Toronto International Student Insurance offered by us throughout your study abroad journey. We offer the best health and travel student insurance plans that fit the unique needs of study abroad and international students like you. Our insurance plans are recognized and reliable and provide high-quality coverage at an affordable rate.

About the Toronto International Student Insurance for Health with Us!

The International Student Health Insurance plan that we provide is comprehensive but affordable. The health insurance plan for international students is designed to meet visa requirements and provide essential coverage that schools want, like mental health, sports, and maternity. With multiple plans and levels offered, we have a plan for every international student’s budget and need.

About the Toronto International Student Insurance for Travel with Us!

For international students, travel medical insurance plans offer instant coverage of a chosen amount for trips from 5 days to a year outside of your home country. With your choice of deductibles and plan levels, travel medical insurance is very flexible to meet the needs of students.

Some facts to know about the Toronto International Student Insurance for Health and Travel

It is crucial to understand that the Toronto International Student Insurance plans differ from a student travel insurance plan. The reason is that the policy duration is much longer (an academic year or longer). However, it is important to understand that International student travel insurance may not necessarily include adequate health insurance to cover your medical expenses as an international student.

What does Toronto International Student Insurance include?

  1. PPO Network– Claims filed with the Toronto International Student Insurance plan can make it easier for you because medical providers then offer direct billing to the insurance company.
  2. Trip Interruption: If you need to return home to your home country owing to any of the covered reasons under the Toronto International Student Insurance plan, the trip interruption coverage helps you to pay the additional expenses to make the necessary arrangements to travel back to your home country.

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